viernes, 16 de marzo de 2012

My parents bedroom

My parents bedrooms is the most bigger bedroom of my house. In the middle of the room there is a bed. Above the bed, in the roof there is a lamp. Next to the beds there is a locker, in the right side and the left side. On the lockers, there is a lamp. Next to the right locker, there is a sofa, behind the sofa there is a wall with a window cover with a white curtain.
The closet is in the left wall, next to the closet there is a table with a lot of things, like perfum and cosmetics. Also there is a mirror between the closet and the table.
The bedroom got a cream theme.

The bathroom

The bathroom got a white theme, and is not so big. In the bathroom there is a shower, the curtains shower are white with sky-blue. There is a toilet, next to the toilet in the left there is a sink. In the wall, there is a big mirror. On the floor there is a large rug and by of the rug there is a draining.